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NetSuite OneWorld takes into account multinational and multi-company needs. Enables businesses to alter for currency, taxation and legal needs. Allows for eCommerce globally with multi-language, multi-currency, multi-country and multi-brand web stores, all accounted from one complete system.

OneWorld helps you to drive business again from existing clients by utilising ,Service Resource Planning (SRP), as it condenses the complete services lifecycle, including marketing, project management, service delivery, billing and revenue management. Providing real-time global business management and financial consolidation in a unified, cloud-based system. One System with no limits, which can effortlessly take your business globally. OneWorld is deployed across 160+ countries, 19 languages, and 190+ currencies. This enables multinational businesses to align operations across finance, marketing, commerce, sales and service.


  • Real-time financial and operational consolidation
  • Instant visibility
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-tax
  • Multinational Intelligence
  • Flexible Customisation
  • Rapid, cost-effective deployment


  • Enables the management of multiple subsidiaries, business units and legal entities
  • Supports consistent processes across countries
  • Supports global compliance of internal and external processes
  • Provides real-time global business insight

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