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NetSuite SRP helps businesses to complete projects quicker by generating invoices and decrease accounts receivable cycles. In turn improving cash flows and eliminating revenue leakages. You are able to gain total visibility over your business, in real-time, with access to the software anytime, anywhere.

End-to-end software for services-based businesses, the NetSuite SRP solution provides complete web-based PSA including: resource management, project accounting, timesheet and expense management, all tightly integrated with NetSuite’s SaaS accounting, CRM, and e-commerce capability, increasing visibility into the professional services organisation, improved resource utilisation, streamlined invoicing and billing, and elevated on-time project delivery and profitability.


  • Resource Management and Forecasting helping resource utilisation
  • Project Costing, Budgeting and Profitability reporting
  • Sophisticated project accounting
  • Billing rules engine to support complex client billing
  • Collaborative project management
  • Easy timesheet management, integrated with project management and billing
  • Expense Management to maximise accuracy and timelines
  • Dashboards and key metric reporting


  • Streamline Operations and increase profitability by optimising the entire services business lifecycle.
  • Faster project completion, resource utilisation, and more accurate and efficient invoices.
  • Increase visibility across your business with forecasts, resources, projects and KPI’s.
  • Mobile Access with real-time data so your business is up-to-date.
  • Real-Time, Global Business Management and financial consolidation.

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