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NetSuite TribeHR combines rich, traditional human capital management (HCM) with an engaging social interface that encourages employee involvement and collaboration. A system of record for employee activity, together with NetSuite’s single system of record for core operational business data, gives organisations a modern platform to run their business.

The first social human resources management software in use with NetSuite, it enables customers to manage the entire employee lifecycle through a Human Resource Information System and advanced Talent Management and social Applicant Tracking System. TribeHR links in with LinkedIn and Facebook to attract and recruit top talent. Because it is a cloud-based system you can access it around the clock from anywhere.

Key Features

  • Social Human Resource Information System
  • Work History and Time-Off Tracking
  • Talent Management
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Data Synchronisation
  • Security and Availability


  • Eliminate duplicate data entry.
  • Attract and recruit the right talent.
  • Award-winning HR functions within NetSuite.
  • Review, reward and retain top talent.
  • Empower and engage employees.
  • Dramatically Improves employee performance.
  • Single Sign-On allows users to focus on their task at hand.

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