Oloco Services include Discovery, Recommendation, Implementation and Documentation, Training & Support.

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At Oloco we have a team of experienced consultants that understand your business and how it functions and operates that will help you through the whole process making sure that you will make the most of cloud software’s capabilities.

We understand your business has different priorities, we make sure that we take on board your objectives so we design, develop and implement tailored solutions that fit perfectly into your business, providing all the support it needs. We aim to offer your business its maximum potential, increasing the chances of opportunities.

At Oloco, we don’t just provide software solutions, we understand that investing in a solution that does not fully cater the needs of your business can be frustrating. This is why we believe that our solutions need to be bespoke and therefore tailored to your requirements as a business, because our clients are not all alike and cannot be sold generic solutions.

Cloud Solutions are adaptable and can meet all of your business requirements. Providing applications for any platform or operating system that will allow your business to operate to the exact requirements needed.

We have the technical expertise to help tailor the solution to fit your requirements. We aim to solve our customers’ problems by implementing a solution that works for them completely. We work closely with you to understand what you need in order to achieve the end objectives and then creating the solution defined.

As a Systems Integrator we are experts in providing specialised financial and consulting services that will help you to gain more from your software. We are experts in the field and have a vast array of knowledge and deep understanding of the solutions that we provide to our customers. We help our customers to address requirements such as regulatory compliance or process optimisation, and individual requirements that are bespoke to specific industries that cloud solutions can be implemented into.

We understand that no two businesses are alike. Which means no generic system can really fill your full criteria. This is why there is a place for development and customisation, which may involve the combination of other software, which your company may already be using or you may want to use alongside it.

At Oloco we will work around your business in order to implement cloud systems. Cloud based solution implementation requires minimal IT interference as none of your ‘in-house’ hardware/software will need alteration, as access to your solution is through a web browser. Your Business will not have to develop a timetable around your installation, wasting valuable time with the loss of working hours, due to the prevention of employees working as computer systems are upgraded.

It’s vital that we understand your business before implementation. We will work closely with your business to understand where the weaknesses and how you operate. It is vital that this is done correctly otherwise valuable time may be wasted and your business will not get the solution that it needs. Once all information has been gathered to we start to consider your individual development and implementation. We will ensure that you are satisfied with your solution, and that it meets all of your requirements, before we go ahead with the process.

A successful and smooth implementation is one of our key aims. Oloco has experienced staff that are trained in implementing solutions. We aim to use the best practices that relate to the specific industries that your business operates within. Implementation is a key part of the process and needs to be treated with care. Our implementation tactic varies from client and also the level of participation required.

We believe with the right documentation and training you will take advantages of clouds full capabilities and maximize your business opportunities. Our solutions provide a range of online manuals, videos and help facilities that can help you and ensure that you have all information about it and that you are using it in the right way. Also, at Oloco we provide all information and support that you need, to guarantee that you will feel comfortable using it.

Once the purchase and implementation of your system has been made, at Oloco we will support you continuously, whenever you need assistance. The solutions that we provide will empower your business.