Oloco delivers an eCommerce platform for businesses, creating a core distribution system. This complete solution converts a static website into dynamic software, eliminating links between separate systems, helping you run your business better as data is streamed together from multiple outlets to help make informed business decisions. With eCommerce operations and functions, you can integrate your sales, order management and inventory data, whilst reducing the time you spend dealing with your online business.

eCommerce provides a detailed view of all of your customers, including profiles and targeted merchandising/marketing and reporting tools that help your business to review results and changes across the whole business in Real-Time, which helps towards planning the next steps you will take.

At Oloco, we understand the importance of providing a customised customer experience and high levels of customer satisfaction. To do this we deliver a complete integrate solution that brings together different systems so that can help your business deliver an outstanding customer pathway maximising your business potential and increasing your chances of opportunities.

Why use eCommerce?

  • Advanced Customisation
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Automated Processes
  • Access Anywhere any time from any device
  • Service any type of Customer
  • Great Web Store Experience
  • Multi-Language
  • Multi- Currency
  • Any Sales Channels

Contact us about eCommerce

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