True Cloud Features

The true cloud caters for all business needs. They are better funded, more financially secure, scalable and more reliable than 3rd party service providers. Cloud providers should be translucent and show durability and stability.

  • No Painful Updates, true cloud providers are constantly upgrading for their customers to receive maximum benefits. You’re always on the latest version of software and your own customisations move with the update. No need to keep altering your software to deal with your specific needs.
  • Incomparable Speed, Reliability and Security, because true cloud solutions are built for your teams to have access from the web anytime, anywhere. They provide a near 100% guaranteed uptime. This also includes data privacy protections.
  • Easy integration, they can easily be integrated with other cloud and in-house solutions. (Adds-Ons Also)
  • Self Service, you as the user have the ability to manage, configure, customize and maintain your system. This can be done smoothly and quickly without the need to hire costly consultants.
  • Good Value, True Cloud Systems have better economies of scale, as they are more productive and time efficient. Also their licensing agreements are incredibly flexible.

If your company is thinking about making the transition onto the ‘true cloud’ from current system, you should consider all the facts about what service providers are trying to sell to you. Watch out for ‘Fake Cloud’ systems because they are desperately trying to hide from you what their system doesn’t do. It’s clear that the advantages are unchallenged and on speed, implementation, performance, value, customization and service, ‘true cloud’ is evidently the way forward for all kinds of businesses.

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